Sunday, December 26, 2010

Do we see it?

Do we see it?
or just don't care
when something is abundant
why don't we question the air
push out my hand
reach for the wall
division we will fall
we attended the seminar
taken all the surveys
corralled and categorized
but I'm a smelly man
and I won't be deodorized
normalized, neutralized, trivialized
put in a cubical
So now we guess
it's more then the physical
ripple in the tide, die like a miracle
ripple in the tide we alive like a miracle
tripping the sky you wide eyed terrestrial

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Introduction!

My Creative Mission Statement 

To my friends and future observers/listeners my goal creatively is to inspirer change in oneself and to set forth a positive ripple effect that challenges the way we think and the way we treat one another.  This venture into music/art will take the efforts of many and I am counting on everyone to promise to keep me accountable and true. ~jaima